Design Challenge #1


Design a newsletter signup modal for a bank in Singapore


For this challenge I have selected DBS as they are #1 in the google search results for ‘Singapore bank’ (congrats).

DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia based in Marina Bay, Singapore. They are a stable bank in a stable region that has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decade. Their core service is financial services for South East Asian businesses, which is strongly reflected by the language and information presented on their website that promotes investment, wealth management, and business capital.


As there aren’t any concrete specs given in this brief I have made some educated guess, reasonable for someone in marketing to pass over:

  • Visible logo and brand colors (Deep red and black)
  • Include the tagline – Living, Breathing Asia
  • (Optional) Include secondary logo pattern – the DBS logo and stars
  • Business-focused imagery within the modal


The conceptual idea is that ‘DBS connects South East Asia to the rest of the world‘, and they are a conduit for business in SEA. By signing up to this newsletter, the customer receives up-to-date information on financial news and can leverage DBS’ expertise and network to achieve their business objectives.

To achieve the above I have used a layer of semi-transparent black over the top of the background imagery, with a cut out from the right hand side, to symbolise the ‘reveal‘ or demystifying the way to do business in SEA. It is also flexible in the sense that the background can be easily tailored towards different sections of the website. Here I’ve used iconic Singapore landmarks to make the connection back to how DBS is a Singaporean bank.



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