Sydney Social Basketball

Refining the website for social sports in Sydney

Sydney Social Basketball can trace its origins back to 2014, which is also when the first website was designed. Fast forward to today, the company has grown from 3 to 8 locations – hosting basketball competitions all around Sydney.

As the comps grew, so did the information that was placed on their website. The original UI was showing its age and did not work well with the new additions, such as their league ladders and individual statistics for each person, each game. With a tight deadline, I worked closely with the owner, Matt, to re-skin the site and make it ready for next season’s registrations.




In order to improve website readability and flow we simplified the homepage section displays with a toned down background color, increased heading contrast and removed the decorative tabs where the headings sat.


This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!