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Improving game statistics recording for community sports

Sydney Social Basketball hosts friendly social competitions in and around the Sydney CBD area. One of their key differentiators is they record stats of individual players at each match. I was responsible for redesigning their prototype Admin UI and add in a player substitution feature in order to help game admins record any stats changes whilst the game is in progress.




Research (User interviews, Observation)

UI design (Sketch, XD)


Problems & Opportunities

By observing how the game admins used the current app and speaking with them afterwards I was able to get a good understanding of the task flows and user goals involved. Issues admins faced:

  • Unable to clear older events from the timeline if there was a mistake (as you are only allowed to clear the most recent event)
  • Inability to track multiple substituted players for once team (as the app can only handle one ‘generic’ sub for each team)
    • Side-note to this – sometimes teams fall short and extra player get recruited on the day. The app syncs player data from the cloud records which required players to go through a detailed registration process so it was not possible to add a substitute properly on the day of the game

Apart from these, there were back-end features that the client was implementing which needs to be reflected on the app:

  • Tracking of game time
  • Associating events to the game time



We looked at the information from the existing prototype that was built:

The information was revisited and broken up into 3 sections or components:

  • Game and player stats
  • Substitutions
  • History/timeline

Each component was mapped out to contain the following:

Which resulted in:

Game summary component

Substitution component

Events/timeline component



Remove events from timeline workflow


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