Remote update UI

Designing a simple configuration app for beacon deployments

BlueCats is a company that supplies Bluetooth beacons and management software to businesses and 3rd party integrators to provide contextual information and track objects at certain locations. The hardware requires configuration during deployment and they needed a simplified process for non-technical staff and officers on the ground.


UX – JustInMind, Sketch

UI – Sketch

How we did this

Because the technology is new and setting up the hardware requires specific steps we needed to create a foolproof method to guide users to make sure the beacons are ready for use. Without the correct parameters set, the information received by other devices or sent back to the server will not be of any use to the client.

To make sure the correct setup procedures take place we opted to go with a step-by-step process, with contextual information at each screen to give the user context and explanation on what each setting means. Also, the users will have no prior experience in setting up the hardware so we made feedback and confirmation (success or failure of saving these setting updates) a priority, with large messages displayed on its own screen.

Lastly, the app was made for simply re-skinning as some clients will prefer to have the app in their own corporate colors. To do so we also kept the design to a minimum and enabled theme updates based on three pieces of information – primary color, secondary color, and the logo.


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