In 2018, BlueCats merged with PLUS Location Systems and set out to improve their product offering. At the same time, we took the opportunity to update the website user experience by improving the sales funnel, UI, and information architecture to educate users and bring in higher quality leads.


  • Lead designer
  • Brand
  • Information architecture
  • UI design
  • Prototyping and User Testing
  • Project management


Planning & exploration

From the back of existing customer research, brand workshops, and stakeholder interviews, we went ahead and defined the sitemap and information architecture for each type of page and began initial sketches of the page structure.

Bluecats sitemap – green lines show cross links in the user flow


An interesting observation from the analytics data we gathered was our visitors spent very little time on the homepage (due to the typical large scale projects and high upfront cost). The majority of them actually landed on one of the industry pages and then proceeded to purchase a starter pack or contacted us. Therefore much of the effort was focused on these sections and how to give visitors enough information to satisfy their initial qualification checks and then to make contact with us so our sales team can build the relationship.

One way we tried to help users find the relevant information if they didn’t land on the industry pages was creating a Solutions Decision Tree – this is used to help users quickly determine what type of tracking they needed:

The main goal of the Solutions Decision Tree and Industry pages is to communicate the product’s concept and how BlueCats would be useful integrated in their company. We didn’t want to get too deep into the technical jargon as based off the user journey map the visitors would still be in the validation mindset and they only needed enough information to push them over the line and make contact.


So how did we summarise a complex real time location tracking concept that makes it relevant to visitors of different industries? Animations of course – luckily AirBnB has built the Bodymovin component and plugin for After Effects which makes creating and animating a breeze. We ended up creating 3 scenarios that was drawn, animated, and exported to display on each Industry page.

We A/B tested new UI components against existing designs and worked with the marketing team to continuously QA review during the build process. I was also responsible for project managing the build with our external developers and work out a smooth deployment plan whilst handling design-to-developer handoff.


After some time spent with our internal marketing team to finalise the copy, we were able to launch our redesigned website in mid-2019 and have been making updates and design improvements continuously.



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